Trinity virtual synthesizers – simultaneously in two versions: VST plugin and standalone application for PC.

Thowt is a sophisticated software synthesizer. You can use it in either VST plug-in VST host applications using technologies such as. Cubase, or as a standalone application.

It’s great where you need hard synthesizer sounds, can produce incredible sound spectrum that covers the simulation of classic analog tools, FM synthesis and a combination of both. In addition, working with unmatched power oscillators zvojených 9 to 1 vote. Easily and perfectly it can find sounds for dance styles, techno, DB, hip-hop; dark, booming bass and razor-sharp leady. Perfect in creating bizarre, metal and sci-fi sounds. Custom user presets can complete the unlimited.

Is a unique openness options. Basically anything can modulate anything that releases you to set parameters where others will not let you. Is the choice for experimenters.

VST plug-in thowt will bring you interesting sounds in your studio work, it is ideal for use in conjunction with HDR studio Cubase.